150+ Best Architecture Captions for Instagram in 2023

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Best Instagram Captions on Architecture

"Architecture is an expression of values."

"The difference between good and bad architecture is the time you spend on it."

"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness."

"One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again."

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

"Any work of architecture that does not express serenity is a mistake."

"Architecture is frozen music."

"Architecture begins where engineering ends."

"Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light."

"New ideas often need old buildings."

"As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."

"Architecture is the thoughtful making of space."

"Architecture should be rooted in the past, and yet be part of our own time and forward-looking."

"We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost."

"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims."

"All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable."

"Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul."

"Home is where you hang your architect."

"Architecture is the alpha principle of all arts."

"I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do."

"Architecture belongs to culture, not to civilization."

"I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build."

"Architecture is inhabited sculpture."

"Architecture Aims At Eternity."

"They can do without architecture who have no olives nor wines in the cellar."

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction."

"I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build."

"The architecture we remember is that which never consoles or comforts us."

"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares."

"Architecture is the art of how to waste space."

"There will never be great architects or great architecture without great patrons."

"Good architecture lets nature in."

"Clearly, if a building is not functionally and technically in order, then it isn’t architecture either, it’s just a building."

"The room is the beginning of architecture."

"I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture."

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